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Find your flow


Find Your Flow reveals the revolutionary journal system for flow by Sarah Gregg, that’s designed to help you find your flow, feel happier, focus on what matters most and fulfil your potential with ease. 

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“We have hopes and dreams, a calling to live our short lives fully”

– Sarah Gregg

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, tired of juggling conflicting priorities, want to feel happier and consistently focus on what matters most  – it’s time to Find Your Flow.

Flow is the bridge between happiness and success. When in flow, you feel at your best and you perform your best. Perhaps that’s why psychologists hail it as the “secret to happiness”. In the book you will discover exactly how to go after your dreams, fulfil your potential and feel happier every day.  And it’s not a magic trick, it’s science.

Thanks to years of extensive research by neuroscientists and psychologists, most notably Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, flow is a state you can control, create, and experience every day that will enhance your well-being and boost your performance.

The System

The simple life changing practice for a happier you

Find Your Flow shares the fascinating psychology of flow and shows you exactly how to practically implement the theory through a revolutionary new four-step journal system for flow. The four-step practice just takes a few minutes to complete in the morning and evening. 

  • Step 1: Morning Grateful Flow
  • Step 2: Forward Focus
  • Step 3: Total Flow
  • Step 4: Nighttime Reflection


The four-step journal system for flow

  Step 1: Morning Grateful Flow

Learn the science that will help you wake up happy and lay the foundations for flow. With Morning Grateful Flow you’ll discover how to create a positive mood that lasts all day.

Step 2: Forward Focus

Discover a new innovative way to set priorities. In Forward Focus you’ll learn how to set High Value and High Flow Priorities. This new way of setting priorities will bring effortless balance and flow to daily life. 

Step 3: Total Flow

Total Flow is the last part of the morning routine. It’s here you’ll learn to train your attention at the start of the day, helping you tame distractions, spot opportunities and stay on course.

Step 4: Nighttime Reflection

You’ll uncover proven scientific methods that will help you effectively lean into life lessons, celebrate success and detect when you feel in flow (so you can add more of it into your life). 

“There is a flow with your name on it. Your job is to find that flow and let it carry you to the next level”

– Oprah Winfrey

The Book

In Find Your Flow, neuro-linguistic practitioner, coach and member of the British Psychological Society, Sarah Gregg, will teach you  the entire journal system for flow along with the fascinating psychology and science behind it.

Published by Quarto Knows.

This highly practical, instantly actionable book will have an immediate impact on your life. 

You’ll learn a new, simple daily journal routine that will help you:

  • Gain control over your life
  • Feel happier
  • Do less and achieve more
  • Consistently take action to achieve your big goals, with ease and flow
  • Find your unique flow
  • Make your signature impact on the world
  • Break unhelpful habits
  • Fulfil your potential

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 The Author

Sarah Gregg x

 Hi, I’m Sarah, the author of Find Your Flow and Founder of The Power to Reinvent.

Only a few years ago my life looked (and felt) very different. I was busy, tired, frustrated and overwhelmed. I chased success, approval, and praise believing they would bring me happiness, but no matter what I achieved, nothing felt good enough for long enough. I knew if I wanted to live a happy life, something had to change. So, I looked to psychology in search of answers and discovered flow.

Flow is a framework for living life fully and happily, without the waste of time or our potential. Acting as the bridge between our happiness and success, flow is where we feel our best and perform our best. In Find Your Flow you’ll not only discover the surprising psychology of flow but also a simple life-changing journal practice that will show you exactly how to find it.